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Well Hello!

Welcome to my life (well, my blog….but I want you to feel at home). I’m so happy you are here. I’d love to offer you a pumpkin chai tea and something fattening, but……we are on the internet.

Here are a couple of Daniela facts.

1. My name is spelled Daniela, but the “a” is silent at the end. My parents were hippies, they rejected the rules, even grammar’s. I also answer to Danny or Danni.

2. I am a twin. We look a lot alike, but are fraternal. If you see her, you will think it is me, and that I am ignoring you. Making it awkward. People often think I am snobby because of her. I am also pretty sure I have lost friends.  I also get random over friendly smiles in public. I have tried to master a smile that says; “You think I am my sister, but I am not, but I will pretend we know each other. See? I am happy to see you, but very busy right now.” It doesn’t work, because the response is pure confusion and a bit of fear. It needs revamping.

3. I am a vegetarian who eats bacon. Don’t judge.

I have been married for eleven years to my sexy husband Ryan. I remind him constantly how lucky he his.  I have two boys, Owen ten years old  and Oliver who is two. We did not plan that gap. There was a long road of infertility prior to the miraculous revelation of those two pink lines, and the consequent arrival of my youngest. I still have the stick; kind of disgusting but I love it. It reminds me there is always a miracle waiting. Never give up.

My boy are almost eight years apart and I marvel at how they can love each other like crazy and then totally pick each others’ arses five seconds later. For years I thought I wanted my boys close together, and I was so frustrated when we couldn’t conceive. Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since the birth of my youngest Oliver, I gave up working as a busy hairstylist and now find myself adjusting to an at-home gig. Shortly after Oliver was born, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. What should have been one of the happiest times in my life has become one of my hardest seasons. There are days when I feel super victorious (I showered, brushed my teeth, and possibly got dressed), and then there are days that are spent curled on the couch wondering if it will ever end.

Where I am typically an extreme extrovert, the hardest days convert me to an oppressed introvert. Not that there is anything wrong with introverts, one of my best friends is an introvert, but when it is not who you were born to be, you feel like an alien. When I feel the most alone, I know God sees me. Even when I can’t find my voice to pray, He hears my heart and I feel carried.

So I write, I create and  I look for the humour. Always look for the laughter, because if you can laugh, you can get through anything.

My home has become a creative outlet. No surface is safe. Since my husband is not okay with me buying everything I fall in love with on the internet, I’ve had to get resourceful.

What I do around my house is trial and error. I persevere until I am happy with the finished product. If I get over my head, my husband is on speed dial, “Ryan, you need to stop at Home Depot on your way home . We need a new piece of wall and possibly some glue…and by the way Prairie Fire orange on the fireplace was a horrible mistake.”

My home is my little spot in my world , it is where I always feel safe.It’s where I write to express what I love; the words and images that move me; I confess the raw, honest, and ridiculous parts of my life. On days that I am struggling, I curl up with my sweet two year old and read books, we walk around our neighbourhood looking for flowers, fallen leaves, and visit our local ducks at the pond with stale bread.

I will never claim to have it all together, because I don’t. Life is a journey, my heart and voice constantly evolving. Too many times  when I have thought I had it all together, I have fallen apart.

So here I will write about life, things I love, things that I hate, and things that I have created.  I will share my home diva successes (move over Martha), and epic failures (Martha, take me back, I’m sorry).

I will always be real.

This is my life. #nofilter




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