DIY: A Painted Table

I have discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I know, this is old news for many. I was at the end of my reno and out of money. My table finish was not working with my new floors.


I was lusting over Restoration Hardwares beautiful grey weathered tables.


Restoration Hardware Dumont Round Table

Restoration Hardware Dumont Round Table


Here was my reality.


Table Before


I went to my local Annie Sloan stockist The Passionate Home. After standing and staring at the paint for as long as it took Oliver to finish his sucker, I decided on Paris Grey and clear wax. I find it interesting that when I  look/shop for home decor, I seem to forget what my house actually looks, and begin seeing it how I want it too look. Once a new coffee mug had me changing my whole family room colour scheme and I painted my fireplace Prairie Fire orange. That was the worse mistake ever. EVER.

The paint went on great; so easy to work with, no sanding, no priming. Perfect, I am lazy.

This was one of the times, that while standing in the store, I visualized a completely different home and now the colour was off for my house. I needed a warmer grey and thought it meant repainting the entire thing. At the store, the girl introduced me to dark wax, telling me it would transform my colour.  I  did not believe her….at…all.  She looked so convinced, I decided not to hurt her feelings and conceded.  I sceptically headed home with a can that looked and smelled like shoe polish. As soon as I started to apply it I wanted to sing from the mountain top.


Please note Reno disaster in the background.

Please note renovation disaster in the background. I lived like this for weeks. With a two year old.


Can you believe how it changed that paint colour??!!?!

So I waxed, sanded and buffed, this was very therapuetic . I also used every tea-towel that I owned. Note: The suggested rags they sell may not be money grab after all…

Then, I was very happy.

So happy I tackled an old sideboard I had kicking around too (doesn’t everyone have an old sideboard kicking around? Don’t you hate it when people say they had an old side board kicking around?).  I had spray painted it black and it turned out hideous. It was promptly moved to the basement a few years ago to wear the Hat of Shame. It has now been redeemed.

I created a whole new dining suite for around a $100 and now I am thinking about my chairs. Why are chairs to expensive? I’d like to revamp my current ones, but they ceased be comfortable about a year ago. I also have this thing called little boys to consider so fabric is out. Unless it is plastic.

New Fab Dining Suite




Are you an Annie Sloan fan? Would love to here about your experiences! Comment below and maybe link to your masterpieces. Since writing this post, I have altered a few more pieces, which I will be sharing. I can not believe how simple it is revamp an old dodgy piece of wood!


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