New Year’s Itch…Craving Some Change




So it is a new year, and all of my decorations are pretty much down, except for a few stragglers, and some boxes of bows and wrapping paper that need to go into storage, but I am feeling pretty lazy right now.

Each year when I take my Christmas decorations down I feel like my  house goes from wow to super blah. This could be post Christmas blues, but I am fighting the urge to revamp a little. Except I have no money after Christmas. If you can afford decorate after Christmas, congratulations.

Still, I have been thinking about changing some of my cushions/curtains. These can be relatively cheap fixes. I have these valances that are a few years old now and while I still love the blue, I think they could use a little spiffing up. Or maybe I will just take them down.. Or spiff them up…. I also have the curtains that I completely shrunk that need serious help.

Have you been to Spoonflower? I am in love with this fabric/wallpaper site. The prices are not too bad and you can pretty much find ANYTHING. People upload their own designs and sell their fabrics. I have a soft spot for the little guy and their are some brilliant designers here, so I like to support them. I feel like I am getting awesome fabric and doing good in the world. I bought their fabric before for a pouf I made for Ollie’s room. It is great quality and holding up well, considering Oliver is constantly rolling it around.

This season I love some of the strong colours and geometrics, but I like to use these trends with a light hand. Fashion can change so quickly, making keeping your home from feeling dated an expensive endeavour. So I’m thinking of sewing some cushions covers, possibly new valances (maybe) or a new slipcover for my ugly chair.

I browsed through Spoonflower’s site last night and picked a few of my faves. I haven’t quite narrowed it down yet, but I do have a thing for navy blue.



1. Gold Dust Gradient Dots

2. Crossed Arrows

3. Navy Diamond

4. Watercolor Feather Chevron

5. Octopus Oasis in Sea

6. Connect the Blocks – Ebony

I would like all of these and am currently in deep thought about the possibilities. The octopuses?  I love a touch of quirk in my house (not twerk).

Of course, not everyone wants to order fabric, dust off their sewing and give it a go. So I found some ready mades online:


1. Jacquard Weave Throw -H&M  $34.95

2.Lappljung Ruta– IKEA $9.99

3. Do What You Love – H&M $12.95

4. Count to Tentacle Nautical Pillow – ModCloth $$17.99

5. Donkey Needlepoint Pillow – Tory Burch $175


I can’t handle how much I love the Tory Burch cushion. If you know me, you know, this cushion would fit perfectly into my entire life, but the price…ouch. That may require some saving. Of course now that I made it public, Ryan is going to know how much it costs and give me the serious stink eye if he ever sees it on my sofa. I could just have it out while he is at work. The octopus…the pompom detail, very cute.





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  • I LOVE Spoonflower. You know you can also design your own fabrics there? You can get them ‘printed’ relatively inexpensively. I haven’t gotten up the courage (or found the time) to do so yet, but it’s inspiring to think about it. I too took down my decorations yesterday and got it all put away. The walls seem empty now where the trees and quilts were hanging. Like you, though, I’m broke right now, and just changed jobs so I’m penny pinching because I will go a month without a paycheck! UGH! Fortunately, I have a fabric stash that will tide me over!
    I’m kind of partial to that octopus fabric for some reason. Also, LOVE the “Do what you love” pillow!

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