Where I Confess….I Suck at Cleaning.



Product of my new improved cleaning skills.  It looked like this for five minutes. 

I am a cleaning dork. A friend was over helping me organize my house, Lord knows, I need all the help I can get. She is a clutter clearing guru, plus a drill sergeant and I totally need that. I am pretty sure I have ADHD (not joking). I have never been diagnosed officially, but I Googled it.  I have the attention span of a fly, particularly when I am doing something that I hate, it takes a small breeze to distract me to more interesting things.

While my friend and I  were working together,  she must have noticed how lost I was, because she said something to me that changed everything and I will get to that in a second.

Let’s talk about why I am lost. Aside from my self diagnosed ADHD, I seem to have also missed the get organized, keep your house clean gene. This could also be to do to a good amount of laziness and procrastination.

This would be my typical cleaning attempt: 

  • Start with doing morning dishes.
  • Then check my email midway through
  • Remember I haven’t brushed my teeth yet……that’s why my mouth tastes like yack.
  • Run upstairs, while brushing my teeth, wipe out a sink with other hand.
  • Notice Oliver’s toys are piling over and sort them out, leave a pile to go down to the basement at the top of the stairs. I will trip over this repeatedly for the next two weeks.
  • Suddenly get inspired for a Facebook post and go downstairs to find my laptop,
  • Notice dishwasher is still half unloaded and start over…..

My house is typically a mess. Not from a lack of effort, because I am cleaning…all the time,  I just never really getting anything finished. This gives me a massive headache. Plus add a three-year old to the hamster wheel of the redundancy of housework and it can all feel utterly hopeless.

The only time I really shine is the three hours before company arrives. I then have an out-of-body experience, and let me tell you, that other girl who shows up can really move her ass.

So what did my wise friend say to me?

“Danny, work each room in a circle till it is clean. Start in one spot, work your way around till it is finished.”

She so gets me. 

I know this seems ridiculously simple, I feel kind of dumb for sharing it,  but it has revolutionized my cleaning.  If I apply this to tidying my house, eighty percent of the time I actually get the room cleaned, but I really have to focus (ADHD). All the cleaning books I have read, the money spent on magazines that promise me a cleaner home,  none of them ever said this. Not. Even. Once. It’s always about mystery stains and disgusting grime, that I hope I never have in my house. Doing this get’s the room to being super tidy, then the cleaning part is a breeze.  I still need to get more personally organized, but I will take this for now.

Please don’t tell me I am alone in this. I would love your input in the comments below! 

How do you clean a room?

Do you get easily sidetracked……SQUIRREL!

Do you keep a schedule? Or BETTER have an app?




For The Love of My Home – The January Cure


I can’t believe I am showing you these photos. 

I have joined Apartment Therapy’s January Cure.  One month to house zen. Each day they email you a task for the month of January to get your home clean, organized and beautiful. Sigh,  I wish I could genie blink myself to February 1st, where I will sitting surrounded in organized beauty, sipping tea and feeling super fab.

I would love if you joined up with me? Anyone up to the challenge? We are only a little late with plenty of time to catch up. Here is the link if you feel inspired! Apartment Therapy: The January Cure

There is stuff, stuff, stuff everywhere in my house. So many unfinished projects, but what a great big thought to conquer and leave the next eleven months to focus on new projects.

The first task was to write a list. Shudder. My list is very hefty due to general procrastination, avoidance and lethargy. It would be great to finish everything this month, but I need to be realistic. Unless I hire help?   For now, list writing has made me very tired and  I require one more coffee before I conquer todays task, washing  and vacuuming my floors.  It’s a demotivating task when you have boys dripping and spilling behind you as you go. My life is a hamster wheel.

I WROTE A LIST! Mark this day…

Kitchen/Eating Nook

  1. Clean out pantry
  2. Organize under sink
  3. Figure out a better garbage, recycling, compost system
  4. Clean out scary sideboard and put shelves above for serving dishes and instant fab.

Front Room (Starred item to be completed during spring)

  1. Organize Office/Writing  Area
  2. Decide if I am going to paint dining furniture*
  3. Put art on walls.
  4. Paint bookcases*
  5. Make cushions*
  6. Slipcover ugly chair*
  7. Revamp coffee table (ottoman?)
  8. Purge book cases


  1. Clean out coat closet
  2. Buy entry rug
  3. Buy boot tray for front door
  4. Add hooks for kids coats.
  5. Do new chalking
  6. Paint door
  7. Add  DIY book shelves to useless wall niche and make it useful

Family Room

  1. Wash sofa cushion cover (again)
  2. Finish baseboards
  3. Touch up paint
  4. Create a better play area for Oliver’s toys
  5. Source/make candle sconces

Powder Room

  1. Fumigate pee-pee off the wood floor (seriously consider one of those toilet shaggy rugs…)
  2. Pick a new paint colour or wallpaper*
  3. Source sink cabinet
  4. Paint mirror


  1. Finish painting
  2. Clean ceiling fan (or burn)
  3. Start hitting second hand stores for frames for gallery *

Upstairs Galley

  1. Paint
  2. Organize book cases
  3. Clean and paint laundry cabinet*
  4. Hang Mirror

Master Bedroom

  1. Clean out and purge drawers and closet
  2. Refinish bench at end of the bed*
  3. Pick paint colour
  4. Touch up trim
  5. Get rid of fireplace*

Master Bath

  1. To be reno’d later this year, so let it be.

Kid Rooms (Goal: Rooms are for sleeping and quiet activities)

  1. Purge toys.
  2. Purge clothes
  3. Take everything to goodwill
  4. Revamp some storage (Ikea? Yes please.)

Main Bath

  1. Clean out cabinet
  2. Paint*
  3. Convince Ryan we should replace floors in here while when we do our bathroom


  1. Go through all toys and get rid of at least half.
  2. Come up with a design plan
  3. Pick paint colours
  4. Decide on how to put art on massive walls with out spending a million dollars.
  5. Organize theatre area
  6. Play area needs better storage and furniture.

I’ll keep you posted through the month on any stellar moments, but we do not need to talk about how I got the pee out of my hardwood floors in the powder room due to potty training and general bad aim, not me, Oliver), unless you really want to know….

If you decide to join in, let me know in the comment section!!! I would love to keep tabs on my Facebook Page on our progress. Plus I do much better with accountability.


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