DIY Wall Treatment- Stencilling





I had a very tired wall that I decided to tackle mid-renovation, cause you know, I did not have enough projects happening. The before picture below was taken in July.

“Happy Easter”… July.  Clearly this chalk board had lost it’s purpose.

There was  a block of wood shoved under the shelving unit, acting as an additional leg,  to help keep it from collapsing under  the weight of all the toys shoved into those tired old bins. This area needed an intervention.





I wanted to do something interesting on this wall. My first thought was to wallpaper, but I was too impatient to wait for samples to arrive. Then I found  Royal Stencil’s site. I think it might have been on Pinterest.

Let me tell you, stencils have a come a long way from the days of chickens and ivy. So after much deliberation, I place my order for the Bombay Paisley.




I had loads of left over paint in my garage. So I used a white back ground and the grey is Benjamin Moore Collingwood Grey. (note, my BM paint was kind of thick, I should have thinned it, but I’m lazy. It made keeping my stencil clean difficult.)

Now, I am not going to say this was easy. I kept lining it up wrong and having to repaint the wall white. I did this in the same spot three times. To fix, I would have to re-paint over the grey with the white, wait for it to dry and start over.

I ran out of the white paint before I could cover my last mistake, then discovered that brand I has using was discontinued.  Ever try to colour match white?

I think my Facebook status at the end of the night read something like this.

“I want to punch stencils in the face.”

But it is amazing what a glass of wine and good nights sleep can do for your optimism, and the next day I finished the project. High fives.




It’s not perfect, but honestly, that is what I really love about it.

To complete the space, I resurrected a dodgy side board that was in my basement and refinished it using Annie Sloan Chalk paint. You can read about that here.




Regarding wall art, there was a lot of deliberation with my twin sister. I discuss all my home decorating ideas with her because she is a genius.

She completes me.

She thought I should get a black and white print of a shark. I liked that idea; rooms are much more charming with a little quirkiness.

But, I really needed somewhere to store some of my serving dishes.

So, after six months of staring at my wall, I finally decided on high gloss white shelves from Ikea.

I love them. And they compliment the cabinetry on our  fireplace reno.




I reused a lot of things in my house. The chalk paint and wall paint were left over in my garage, I had the sideboard in my basement. So my biggest investment was the shelving, which cost about $80. The cost of the stencil was $36.95.

A pretty big impact for such a small budget.


Alright…..have I made you a believer?

Don’t judge by my errors during this project, I can be a bit of a knob.






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