Welcome Advent…

Advent Collage

This December 1st marks the very first time, I almost have my advent calendar full on time. There are couple of empty boxes, that I still need to fill. Those will be special dates with my kids. I was so inspired today on my Facebook feed with some of how others were celebrating advent. I even saw one with twenty five days of random acts of kindness for the kids, I only have one day designated for my kids random act of kindness….I had a moment of parental fail over this, but I am okay now.

My advent calendar was Pottery Barn inspired, my sister and friends collaborated, I would have loved the real deal, but my budget…

The thing I love about this, is that it is simply  poles, looped together with twine. You could use ribbon, wire, chains… Any pails would work. We ordered our numbers from a decal printer, and I think they were work every penny.




White, Black, Navy and Gold Pails.

As for poles, can’t you just find everything on Amazon?

It may be a bit of a late start for you, or maybe you can file this away for next year. At the beginning of advent I find myself entering this season full of expectation for memories, laughter and love. There are so many opportunities to give and share. Don’t miss them. I have found that the truest meaning of Christmas are in these moments.

As for today, my house is completely decorated and kind of clean. I am going to spend a fair amount of time in pyjama’s and hanging with my boys. Christmas movies will be playing….






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